Documentation, Help and How Tos

Need Help? Email, Text or Call: (989) 751-6863 or we are normally available 7 days a week from 8AM to 9PM, but we ride a lot so leave a message if we couldn't hear the phone and we'll do our best to call you back as soon as we are in cell range again.

80% of our support calls are for help with installing the maps, 10% for updating the maps (installing a new version) and 10% are for using the GPS including setup.

Just Purchased? Click or scroll down to see the next steps.

Card arrived, plugged into the GPS and now what? Leave the card in the GPS. See our Setting up your GPS and also our Routing Setup help notes. To use the maps, turn on the GPS, hit the Map or View Map button.

Want to use maps on the computer? See our help note for installing our maps on the computer and then for installing Garmin's software.

Want to use maps on an Android tablet? See our help note for installing OruxMaps and configuring it to use our maps. Specific instructions for Magellan TRX/Yamaha Adventure Pro units.

Want to Update the maps? If using a card, see our Card Installer help note. If you loaded the maps to the internal memory of your GPS, see our help note for using the computer to install maps. If you are not sure if you are using a card or not, here's the quick way to tell: Remove the card (in a slot on the side/back/bottom or under the battery), then check to see if our maps are still listed under the Map Info screen. Settings -> Maps & Vehicle -> MyMaps or Tools -> Settings -> Map -> Map Info or Main Menu -> Setup -> Map -> Map Information/Select Map. If our maps are listed with no card in the unit, they are on the internal memory of the GPS and you'll need to use the computer install method to update the maps.

Need help with basic settings on the GPS? See our GPS Setup help.

Need help with routing (turn by turn) on your Garmin GPS or with BaseCamp? See our Routing Setup and also how to create a Custom Route.


Just purchased?

Preloaded card is included in all GPS Map purchases. All supported models of Garmin and Lowrance GPS units accept a memory card, usually on the side, back or under the battery cover.

If you can wait for the card from us to arrive, plug the card into the GPS and then see Setting Up your GPS. There are no items that need to be downloaded if using our card.

If you want to use the maps on your Mac or Windows computer, see our installing to your computer help note.

If you need to install to your Garmin GPS without using our card, you will need a Mac or Windows computer and:

A. Your GPS will probably need a memory card. If you do not have one, go to option B, otherwise continue:

Windows Computer:

1. Card must be plugged into the computer directly. If you do not have a method to plug in the card, you can plug it into the GPS and connect the GPS to the computer - BUT - most newer models will need a setting changed. See this note on how to tell if your GPS will work as a card reader.
2. Download and run our Card Installer, see help with downloading the Card Installer and help with using the Card Installer.

Mac Computer:

Card can be plugged into the computer directly or inserted into the GPS and the GPS plugged into the computer. Either way, the card will show up as a drive.
Download and open our Card Installer, then copy the maps to your memory card. See help with downloading the Card Installer and help with using the Card Installer.

B. If you want to install directly to the internal memory of the Garmin GPS (not recommended), there are three primary steps:

1. Install our maps to the computer using our Computer Installer. See help with downloading the installer and then help with installing to the computer.
2. Install Garmin's software (BaseCamp or MapSource). See help with installing Garmin's software.
3. Use Garmin's software to install the maps to the GPS. See help with installing maps without a card.


Downloading the installation programs from our Store The installation programs for the GPS Maps are available as download links on your order page in our Store.

Installing the maps to your computer. To interact with the maps on your computer AND to load the maps to a GPS that does not have a memory card.

Loading maps onto your memory card. If you bought a pre-loaded card from us, the card is ready to be put in the GPS, no other steps necessary.

Loading maps without a memory card. Must have maps already loaded to computer.

Loading maps with SendMap. Last resort tool for loading maps to GPS. Use only if told to do so by us.

Setting up your GPS. Recommended settings for best use on the GPS once maps are loaded to it.

Setting up Routing on GPS and Computer. Settings to get turn by turn directions to work on GPS and computer.

Custom Routes. For when you want the GPS to take you somewhere other than the shortest/fastest way.

General GPS Tips.

Installing Garmin's software. Programs from Garmin to view our maps and save/send data with your GPS.

Fixing Garmin's MapInstall on Windows (version 4.2 does not install maps correctly to card/GPS).