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Information on Little Coal River Trail

Updated 5/18/10

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Little Coal River Trail
Printable Map (PDF), Page with Video of Trail. More Pictures.
Length: 48 Miles
Community Connector: No
Little Coal River is the shortest and usually considered the easiest of the trail systems. This system an "UTV" park allowing the side by sides on most all of the trails. The black trails are relatively easy when dry. When wet, it's a slippery system. Additional trails in 2009; new single tracks are extreme technical rock ledge climbs and sidehill action (more so when covered with 6" of wet leaves). Modern HM Welcome Center near the parking area.

Trail Rating
Length (Miles)

Trail Notes:

52 Black
From 56 to 18. Rocky descent. Easier 56 to 18.

83 Black
From 56 to 18. Rocky descent. Easier 56 to 18.

85 Black
From 18 to 56. Minor climb, should be Blue Trail.

72 Black
From 54 to 43. Very steep rocky descent. Easier 54 to 43.

192/194 Orange
From South to West. Spiral around peak, relatively flat, one steep rocky descent. Easier South to West.

83 Orange - Rode First half mile to powerline cliff; sidehill action afterwards; track not actual from powerline to terminus near 10-12 intersection.
184 Orange - Easier 12 to 18; major rocky descents.
185 Orange - Easier 12 to 18; major rocky descents; rode 1/4 mile from 18 side of 184; track not actual to 184 intersection on 12 side.
187 Orange; Major sidehills; Rode 1/3 mile either direction; track not actual for middle 1/2 mile
83 Black - Decent climbs with rutted/rocky switchbacks; easier 56 to 18.
84 & 86 Black - Blue class trails, narrow and some up/down.

52 & 72 Blacks are the tougher trails; 83/84/85 are blue-class trails.

192/194 trails are much easier than the 183/184/185/187 trails.



Images of Little Coal River Trail.

Lee R Photo

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