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Information on ORV Use in West Virginia

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There are over 600 miles of designated ORV Trails in West Virginia

Important information regarding ORV use in West Virginia:

  • ORVs, which includes ATVs, are not allowed to ride on interstate highways or on other public roads that have a visible centerline or more than 2 lanes. They are allowed on the road shoulders of most public roads, however local rules especially in towns, may prohibit or otherwise regulate which roads are open to ORVs.
  • All riders under 18 must have completed a vehicle rider safety awareness course.
    Head and tail lights are required for operation after dark and highly encouraged for day time use.
  • A functional muffler and spark arrestor are required on all ORVs.
  • ATVs may have a passenger if the operator is over 18 and has a valid drivers license.
  • Helmets must be worn by all operators under 18 and should be worn by all.
  • Protective eyewear and appropriate clothing including full length pants/shirts and sturdy boots are highly recommended.

Information specific to the Hatfield McCoy Trail & Burning Rock Trail Systems
Contact them for current rules, updates, conditions and further information:
Hatfield McCoy: www.TrailsHeaven.com or 800-592-2217 Burning Rock: www.burningrockwv.com 877-683-9240

  • Helmets and protective eyewear are required.
  • USFS approved spark arrestor and functional muffler are required.
  • Valid Trail Permits, as issued by the Hatfield McCoy Trail Authority, are required and must be placed on the lower left side of the rider’s helmet.
  • Always carry photo identification.
  • Operators must meet the minimum age listed by the ATV's manufacturer.
  • Riders under 18 must have adult supervision.
  • No passengers unless the ATV was designed and manufactured to support a passenger.
  • Ride Safe and Sober!!
  • Always check with the Trail Authority for current trail conditions, openings/closures and other important information.
  • Trails are only open from sunrise to sunset.
  • Access to the trails is only via Official Trailheads or Town Connectors - do not access the trails from other locations.
  • Only marked trails are open for use. Do not enter Trails posted closed, barricaded or not marked as open.
  • Trails are not open to vehicles over 50 inches in width except for select “side by side” machines (UTV) which can be used only on Green and Blue Trails as signed as open to UTVs on the trail (contact Trail Authority for details).
  • Specific UTV Regulations:

  • Helmets and eye protection must be worn at all times, in addition to using seat belts as installed by the manufacturer.
  • The operator must be 16 or older with a valid drivers license. Additionally, the age requirements as established by the manufacturer must be followed.
  • Passengers must be large enough to properly grip any factory installed hand grips.
  • No home-made UTVs or those substantially modified from original design (Trail Authority has final decision).
  • Required equipment also includes: roll-over protection (ie “roll cage”), steering wheel and low pressure tires.
  • Maximum engine displacement is 855cc or 61HP.
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