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Information on Indian Ridge Trail

Updated 6/25/12

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Indian Ridge Trail
Printable Map (PDF), Page with Video of Trail. More Pictures.
Length: 62 Miles
Community Connector: Yes
Indian Ridge has a bunch of loops in two groups with a decent connector trail between the groups. Generally an easier system, similar to Buffalo Mountain and Pinnacle Creek. Not very rocky. Single track is challenging, rest of the trails are not when compared to RockHouse or BearWallow. New connector trail in 2010 that connects to the Pinnacle Creek system. Gas @ Ashland KOA, food and lodging in Ashland.

Trail Rating
Length (Miles)

Trail Notes:

82 Black
From 38 to 19, multiple descents, couple small climbs. Few switchback, some loose rocks, one final descent is loose rock and muddy. Easier from 38 to 19.

81 Black
Clockwise, couple small climbs immediately, then access road for remainder. Easiest to run counter clockwise.

80 Black
From 13 to 46, one climb and one descent, some loose rock and rain rut for either. Then lots of mud, logs/roots. Slippery on a bike, easy on ATV. Easier either way.

24 Extreme
From 26 to 16, one major descent, right at end dropping onto 16. Easiest 26 to 16.

165 Orange
From 91 to 98, starts easy then super difficult rock climb followed by rock garden and then more difficult rock climb. Had to push/pull bikes through here. Some tight woods, additional rock down/up. Easier run 98 to 91.

172 Orange
From 50 to 52. Some short climbs, couple edges with trees to make it interesting. Probably easier 52 to 50.

180 Orange
From 76 to 98. Couple small climbs, some with rocks. Follow ridge line/peak. Couple short "off the edge" spots but not too hairy. Probably easier 98 to 76.

190 Orange
Counter Clockwise. Tricky down hills, crick jump, rocks, up hills with no run then wicked side hill followed by significant climb. Climb is just above KOA Kabin. Probably easier run clockwise.

24 Extreme.
From 26 to 16. Steep downhill. Easier 26 to 16. Rutted from ATV (not making climb).

54 Black.
This is a short section of 54 Blue, but I called it black as it's very steep descent from 54 to 50.

71 Black
From 98 to 71. Several decent descents. Easier 98 to 71.

24 Extreme.
What? This is a Blue trail, no idea why it's "Extreme". Note this was re-classified to Blue in 2009.

83 Black
From 12 to 52. Rocky uphill, minor.

85 Black
From 52 to 55. Couple minor/long rocky uphills. Easier 55 to 52.

90 Black
From 62 to 67. Decent descent, rocky. Easier 62 to 67.

91 Black
From 62 to 98. Some rocky climbs, pretty minor.

93 Black
Some wider/rocky ups/downs, but pretty minor. Should be a Blue trail.

98 Black
Not sure why this is a Black, should be Blue. No climbs to speak of.



Images of Indian Ridge Trail.

Bob R Photo

Bob R Photo

Bob R Photo

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