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For GPS setup information, please see our online HELP.

What are our upgrade/update policies?

Generally updates are free for one year and we do offer some upgrades. More info.

Will these maps work with your GPS?

Probably if it's a Garmin unit that supports mapping - see our list. We've only hit a couple odd Garmin units that didn't work yet.

Do these maps support automatic routing?

Yes, on Garmin units our maps are fully routable.

MapSource crashes now that I uninstalled the old version of the VVMapping maps, what should I do?

The uninstaller process does not work consistently well with our maps. The solution is to install the current version of our maps, it will put in the missing files that are causing the crash. The good news is that each upgrade only updates the necessary files and deletes old ones; there are no "unused" files from the old version left on your computer and so no need to uninstall them (they are already gone). If the problem persists, please contact us and we'll gladly help solve things.

Can the maps be downloaded over the Internet or do you need to wait for the CD in the mail?

Maps purchased online can generally be downloaded immediately after purchase (when using credit card or similar electronic payment). Most of the map installers are pretty big - 50 to 500 megabytes - and can take a very long time to download.

Is the memory card included?

Yes, all of our GPS maps include online download, preloaded microSD memory card with SD Adaptor (fits little and bigger slots), printed instructions.

Can you load different map products at the same time? How about with a unit with maps already loaded on it?

Yes you can on both accounts, but the other map products must be hidden/disabled to see the VVMapping maps.




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