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GPS units compatible with Maps

Not all GPS units will work with the maps we offer. Currently our maps only work with Garmin and most Lowrance mapping capable units, although we are working to expand support to other brands.

Models reported by customers:

  • 40%: Nuvi/Drive
  • 25%: Montana
  • 35%: Other

Here is a list of units we know work (we've used them):


  • Dakota, Colorado, Montana, Monterra & Oregon (all model numbers for these)
  • DEZL (all model numbers for these)
  • DRIVE (including DriveSmart, DriveAssist, DriveLuxe, DriveTrack) (all model numbers for these)
  • eTrex: 20, 30, Legend C/CX/HCX, Vista C/CX/HCX, Venture HC; Touch; (must be color unit)
  • GPSMap 60, 62, 64, 66, 76, 78, 620, 640 (all in each model series, must be color unit)
  • GPSMap 276C, 376C, 378, 478 (these take special Garmin data cards, not the card we provide)
  • GPSMap 276CX
  • Nuvi & Nuvi Track (all model numbers for these)
  • Overlander
  • Rino 530 HCX and 6xx/7xx
  • RV (all model numbers for these)
  • Zumo (all model numbers for these)


  • Elite
  • HDS
  • Baja
  • Hook, Hook2 (not "X" models)
  • Does not work on the handheld Lowrance units

Definitely does not work with TrailTech Voyager, TomTom, Magellan or other off-brand units.

Does not work with Rino 100/120 & 530, Garmin 176C, Quest, StreetPilot, GPS V or any black and white model; most of the marine models are not compatible (they require marine maps) nor the aviation models.

Some customers have reported success with our maps on the Garmin "Edge" bicycle models and also the "epix" mapping capable watch.

NOTE: A memory card is included in all of our GPS Map Packages and we recommend using it if your model takes a card (most all listed do take cards). The card has both Garmin and Lowrance map files on it.

Our $$ back policy helps to remove the risk - if we can't make it work on your GPS, send it back for a full refund.

If your GPS is not listed above and you think it should be, feel free to ask us.

Note all of the brand and product specific names are used for reference only and are trademarked by their respective owners.


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