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Information for each version of the GPS Snowmobile & ORV Trail Maps

You can tell which version you have by:

  • Choosing "about MapSource", then clicking "installed products"
  • Noting the date listed on map image files.
  • Noting the information in the Read Me file (shown during the installer program as well as located in the C:\VVMapping\ folder)
  • Noting the date listed on the installed map information screen on your GPS.

GL SNOW AND ORV v10.9.0 (includes GL Snow v10.6.2 and GL ORV v10.9):

GL ORV Version 10.9.0 (5/5/24)

Updated Rogers City, Branch County, Boyne City, Baldwin, State Forest Roads (throughout State) and National Forest Roads. Misc Route and Trail updates.

Updated Ashland, Barron, Bayfield, Brown, Buffalo, Burnett, Chippewa, Clark, Columbia, Crawford, Dane, Dodge, Door, Douglas, Dunn, Eau Claire, Florence, Fon Du Lac, Forest, Grant, Green Lake, Green, Iowa, Jackson, Jefferson, Juneau, Kenosha, Kewaunee, LaCrosse, Lafayette, Langlade, Lincoln, Manitowoc, Marathon, Marinette, Monroe, Oconto, Oneida, Outagamie, Polk, Portage, Price, Racine, Richland, Rock, Sauk, Sheboygan, St Croix, Vernon, Vilas, Walworth, WashingtonWaushara & Wood Counties.

Updated Cass & Beckker counties; East Range OHV Trails; added new Fire Frost Trail; updated Huntersville Trails, Wilton area and other misc trails.

GLSMORV v10.8 includes GL Snow v10.6 and GL ORV v10.8

GL SNOW Version 10.6.0 (12/10/23)

Updates to Trails 2, 3, 5, 8, 12, 13, 47, 471, 49, 491.
Other POI and Trail updates.

Substantial updates throughout state.

Added new Corridor Trail Numbers to trail number, example "SM-420/MN47"
Numerous updates throughout state.

GL ORV Version 10.8.0 (12/11/23)

Updated State Forest Roads.
Updated National Forest Roads
Updated County Ordinances for several counties and cities/villages.
Misc Updated and corrections.

New Routes & Trails throughout the State.

Updated National Forest Roads.
Added Kensington Loop, Great Northern Connection, Warroad Wildernessssssss trails/systems.
Misc Updatees

GL ORV Version 10.7.0 (5/1/23)

Added new Grand Traverse ORV Route.
Updated State Forest Roads.
Updated National Forest Roads
Updated County Ordinances for several counties and cities/villages.
Misc Updated and corrections.

New Routes & Trails throughout the State.

Updated National Forest Roads.
Update, changes and adds for many trail systems.

GL SNOW Version 10.5.0 (12/15/22)

Updated Trails 1 and 2 western UP; 679 near Frederic.
Minor misc updates.

Misc updates throughout state.

Added new trails near Duluth.
Misc updates throughout state.

GL ORV Version 10.6.0 (12/17/22)

Updated Ordinances for several counties, cities & villages.

New Routes throughout the State.
Several new trails in northern WI.

Misc POI updates.

GL ORV Version 10.5.0 (5/1/22)

Updated State Forest Roads, including newly-opened SFR near Camp Grayling.
Updated County Ordinances for several counties and cities/villages.
Misc Updated and corrections.

New Routes throughout the State.
New Trail connectors.

Updated county road Routes in St Louis county.
Updated Prospector Loops.
Misc POI updates.

GL SNOW Version 10.4.3 (2/17/22)

Updated Trails 1, 100 and 13 near Bergland.
Minor misc updates.

Updated Vilas and Iron counties.
Updated Wood, Marathon, Taylor and Clark counties, thanks to DCraft for data.
Updated Douglas, Sawyer and Bayfield counties, thanks to DRauch for data and info.
Updated Lincoln and Taylor counties, thanks to JKennedy for data.
Updated Douglas county, thanks to EShaffer for data.
UPdated Oneida, Forest, Florence, Oconto and Langlade counties, thanks to GLassanske for data.
Updated Sawyer, Bayfield, Douglas, Washburn and Barron counties, thanks to JWishal for data.

Added new trail near Jordan, thanks to EBachinski for info.
Misc updates.

GL SNOW Version 10.4.2 (1/22/22)

Updated Trail 133 new Gay
Updated Trail 47 near Strongs

Updated Wood County, thanks to DCraft for data.

Technical Routing corrections for various trails.

GL ORV Version 10.4.1 (12/1/21)

MI: Corrected road display in southern lower MI.

GL SNOW Version 10.4.0 (12/1/21)

Updated lines and levels to better work with newer Garmin units.

Added and updated new trails near Wakefield.
Added new trail near Kaleva; removed closed trail near Maple City.
Misc updates throughout State.

Updated Dane, Green, Rock, Waupaca, Marquette, Vilas, Oneida and Marathon counties. Misc updates throughout State.

Misc updates throughout State.
Added missing section of Skyline Trail. Thanks to BAsker for data.

GL ORV Version 10.4.0 (10/18/21) 

MI: Updated MVUM for Huron Manistee National Forest. Updated State Forest Roads. Updated Beaver Creek ORV Route. Updated Beaver Creek Motorcycle Trail. Misc Updated and corrections. 

WI: New Routes throughout the State. New Trails in Barron, Rusk, Sawyer, Washburn, Douglas, Bayfield, Shawano and Polk counties. Special thanks to BMuch for help with Tigerton. 

MN: Updated County Roads for Crow Wing county. New Trails and Routes added including Emily - Blind Lake and Kelliher systems.  

GL ORV Version 10.3.0 (5/1/21)

Changed line display and zoom levels to better work with/around some newer Garmin hardware and provide more consistent line display across disparate models.

Updated MVUM for Hiawatha and Ottawa National Forests.
Updated State Forest Roads.

Added new trails in Rusk, thanks to Rusk County Forestry.
Updated Counties: Portage, Winnebago, Waupaca, Shawano, Washington, Fond Du Lac, Sauk, Crawford, Waushara, Buffalo, Green, Lafayette, Iowa, Vilas, Oneida, Trempealeau.
Updated MVUM for CNNF.
Thanks to WATVA for their continued efforts in notifying us of changes.

Updated trail systems, including new loops/sections on multiple trails.
Updated MVUM for Chippewa and Superior National Forests.
Updated non-motorized and forest roads.

GL SNOW Version 10.3.1 (2/17/21)

WI: Corrected portions of central WI not showing some updates from 10.3.0

GL SNOW Version 10.3.0 (2/15/21)

Updated Trail 8 & 47 near Raco.
Updated Trail 3 and 133 in the Keeweenaw. Thanks to EGlowacki & DPollum for data/info.

Updated: Langlade, Marathon, Shawano, Portage, Waupaca, Ashland, Bayfield, Iron, and Sawyer counties thanks to BEskildsen for data.
Updated Walworth, Racine, Kenosha, Waukesha, Jefferson, Rock, Iowa and Lafayette counties.
Updated Racine, Walworth, Waukesha and Kenosha counties, thanks to DDill for data.
Updated Vilas county, thanks to BPointon for data.
Added new trails in Lafayett county, thanks to LMcGuire for info.
Updated Dane and Rock counties, thanks to BMiller for info.
Updated Chippewa County, thanks to RMechelke for data.
Updated Sauk, Dane and Columbia counties, thanks to JNimmow for data.
Updated Ozaukee, Sheboygan, Washington, Fon Du Lac and Dodge counties, thanks to MEichstaedt for data.
Added missing lake trail 26 in Washburn county, thanks to RPoznansky for info.
Updated Dane, Columbia, Dodge and Jefferson counties, thanks to RWeihert for data.

Minor updates in/near Hennepin County.

GL SNOW Version 10.2.0 (11/30/20)

Added new Trail 174 (western UP).
Re-added closed section of Trail 109 and removed now-closed sections (western UP).
Removed closed Trail 11S (western UP).
Added new Trail 1 (lake gogebic).
Updated Trail 457 (Curtis area).
Updated Trail 614 with new sections (Irons area).
Updated Thumb trail system, thanks to GFaith for data.
Updated Trail 2 and 102 (western UP), thanks to JCavanaugh for data.
Updated Trail 3 (western UP), thanks to Eglowacki for data.
Updated Trail 15 (western UP), thanks to CFaison for data.
Removed closed section of Trail 16 (southwest UP).


Updated trail 10 near St Germain, thanks to BPOinton for data.
Updated Dodge and Washington Counties, thanks to MEichstaedt for data.
Updated Sheboygan and Manitowoc counties, thanks to WMiller for data.
Updated Montroe county, thanks to CZiegler for data.
Updated Washburn county, thanks to CHanson for data.
Updated Dunn county, thanks to TKohnke for data.
Updated Chippewa county, thanks to RMechelke for data.
Updated Fond Du Lac county, thanks to DThelen for data.
Updated Waushara, Dane, Adams, Rock, County.


Dozens of trail updates/adds/changes/deletes. 49 Counties affected.

GL ORV Version 10.2.0 (12/1/20)

Added alphabet Routes in Eastern UP.
Updated open roads in Oceana county.

Thanks to WATVA, MSigl, TKohnke, MCleven for info.
Updated open roads in Winnebago, Fond Du Lac, Clark, Jackson, Dodge, Jefferson, Dunn counties.

GL ORV Version 10.1.5 (5/28/20)

Major change in routing preferences, can now exclude ORV Trails by setting "avoid unpaved roads". Routing in MI gives more preference to ORV-open snowmobile trails and secondary ORV-open roads.

Updated open roads in Genessee County, misc county road open/closed in other counties.
Misc updates/corrections of State Forest Roads.
New line types added for ORV-open forest and county roads that are also snowmobile trails.

More than 1 thousand miles of new Routes (town and county roads) throughout the State.
Misc trail updates and changes.

Misc POI trail and road updates.

GL SNOW Version 10.1.0 (12/2/19)

Updated new Trail 109 and Trail 102 (western UP)
Removed closed Trail 15 (Baraga)

Trail Name changes in Oneida County

MN: No changes

GL SNOW Version 10.0.0 (11/15/19)
Major version bump to align with ORV version.

Added new Trail 440 near Seney.
Removed closed section of Trail 109 near Sturgeon River Gorge in western UP.
Added new Trail 109.
Updated Trails 2, 16 and 5 in west/central UP. Thanks to CFaison for data.

Misc Updates throughout.
Updated Barron County, thanks to JWishall for data.

Added Grand Portage trails, thanks to MMcTavish for data.
Misc updates in Lake and St Louis Counties, thanks to BGrierson for info.
Minor POI updates

GL ORV Version 10.0.0 (7/28/19)

Added new Iron Mountain - Felch ORV Route, Norway ORV Route, Gwinn-Arnold ORV Route.
Updated Soo-Raco ORV ROute, Strongs - Raco ORV Route and connectors.
Corrected display of some ORV-open roads in Hiawatha National Forest.

Updated Routes in Grant, St Croix, Langlade, Oneida and other counties.
Updated Oconto, Marinette and Florence counties including new trails in Florence connecting to MI.
Updated Routes in Washburn county, thanks to CHanson for data.
Misc updates

Corrected display of snowmobile trails

Version 9.9.0 (5/6/19)

Map names changed to reduce confusion:
"VVMapping - Great Lakes Snowmobile & ORV" is now "VVMapping - Great Lakes Snowmobile"
"VVMapping - Great Lakes ORV & Snowmobile" is now "VVMapping - Great Lakes ORV"

SNOW: No Changes


Added open county roads for St Joseph County (southern MI).
Misc CFL Land updates; misc POI updates; minor forest road updates.

Updated Routes for most counties (very few did not have have at least a small update).

Misc POI updates

Version 9.8.0 (2/10/19)

Updates to Trails 71, 710, 704 and 717 in Emmet County.
Minor updates to trails in Oscoda and Alcona counties
Added new trail 320 to Hart plus other minor updates in Oceana county.
Updated Trail 19 in Muskegon County.
Updates to Trail 8 in Luce & Alger County, thanks to CFaiman for data.
Updated Trail 43 and 457 near Curtis and 47 near Strongs, thanks to CFettig for data.
Updated trail 100, 1, 13 and 160 in western UP.
Updated Trail 5 near Felch.

Updated Oneida County
Minor updates in Sawyer county, thanks to DDill for info.
Updated Burnett and Barron counties, thanks to JWishall for data.
Updated Racine and Kenosha counties, thanks to DDill for data.
Updated Winnebago County, thanks to JOllanketo & the Winnebago County Snowmobile Alliance for data.
Updated Calumet County, some sections thanks to WMiller for data.
Update Sheboygan county, thanks to JWeber for data.
Added new trail 13a near Glidden and sections of Vilas & Bayfield counties, thanks to SBacklund for data.
Updated sections of Ashland County, thanks to TCarlen for data.
Updated Forest, Florence and Oconto counties.
Updated city of Tomahawk, thanks to MSigl for data.
Updated Sawyer County, thanks to DDill for data.
Updated Dodge, Ozaukee, Washington and Waukesha Counties, thanks to MEichstaedt & WMiller for data.

Updated Cass County, thanks to MFunk for data.
Updated Aitkin County, thanks to MWidseth for info.

Version 9.7.2 (1/27/19)
Various snowmobile trail routing tweaks and revised colors for trails-on-roads in MI.

Version 9.7.1 (12/7/18)
Routing corrections for several snowmobile trails in MI

Version 9.7.0 (12/1/18)

ORV: No Changes


Changed several western UP trails to "local access" to reflect their temporary closure for this season.
Updated Trail 13 near Bergland; Updated trails 96 and 969 near Mio.
Updated trail 18 near Republic, thanks to CFaiman for data.
Updated Trail 15 near Chassel, thanks to EGlowacki for data.
Updated Trail 2 near Naubinway; trail 48 near Kinross, thanks to BOlsick for data.
Added all state forest roads for both LP and UP, now included in routing table. Major update for off-trail riders.
Updated USFS roads in all three National Forests.
Major updates to routing network.
Misc POI updates.

Updated Columbia, Sauk, Vilas, Waushara, Waupaca and Marathon counties.
Updated Douglas, Dunn, Pierce, St Crois and Washburn counties, thanks to DNorth for data.

Misc POI and trail updates.
Updated USFS Roads/trails.

Version 9.6.0 (9/10/18)

Snow: No Changes

Updated USFS MVUM for all National Forests.
Added open/closed State Forest Roads in upper peninsula.
Added new sections of Alcona ORV Trail, updated open USFS/County roads for same area.
Updated open county roads in Manistee county.
Added open county roads for Shiawassee county.
Added new Routes in UP (A-D, Newberry to Trout Lake area).
Added new portions of Wisconsin-Bond Falls ORV Route, State Line ORV Route and Champion-Negaunee ORV Route.
Added MI-Trale Club Routes (open county/forest roads marked with club signs, western UP).

Updated Dunn County, thanks to TKohnke for info.
Added new section of Hickory Ridge Trail (Chippewa County), thanks to B Much for data.
Added new Tamarack Motorcycle Trail (Vilas county), thanks for B Much for data.
Added new village of Crivitz Routes.
Added new trails and Routes in Langlade, Marinette, Clark, Grant, Polk, Vernon, Iowa, Price, Lincoln, Oneida, Sawyer, Forest, Taylor, Douglas, Bayfield and Vernon counties.

Added/Updated trails:
Millers Hill Motorcycle Trail
Mississippi River Northwoods Trail
Wild Country Trail
Jackpot Trail
Timber Frear Loop
Rice Lake Pancore Loop
Hovland Woods
Old Greenwood
B&B Connection Trail
Hovland Woods Trail
Chisholm Gap Trail
Smoky Hills
Blue Ox Trails
Sand Hill Trail

Added or Updated County ordinances:
Blue Earth
Crow Wing
Le Sueur
Mille Lacs
St Louis

Version 9.5.0 (2/10/18)


Corrected MN/WI routing across border.

Major update of State Forest Roads in NLP.
Updated Trail 888 near Grand Marais, thanks to JCavanaugh for data.
Updated Trail 5 near Marquette, thanks to BOlsick to for data.
Added new connector trail to Whiskey Creek Campground, Baldwin area.
Updated trails 3, 35, 3/25; added Irons local connector, Irons area.
Misc updates through State.

Updated Dane, Marinette, Oconto, Vilas, Bayfield, Chippewa and Price Counties.
Updated Oneida, Langlade, Price, Lincoln & Vilas counties, thanks to MSigl for data.
Updated Rusk county, thanks to GLockburner for data.
Updated Sawyer county, thanks to MSeverson for data.

Updated trail 196 near Duluth, thanks to MFunk for data.


Added open/closed State Forest Roads in northern lower peninsula.
Added Ontonagon ORV Route.
Minor update to Iron River ORV Route.

Updated Routes in Taylor County
Added Routes in Door County

MN: Misc POI updates


Version 9.2.0 (11/25/17)

Corrected MI/WI routing across border.



Thanks to M Severson, D North, M Sigl, G Lockburner for data.
Misc updates through State.

Thanks for MKelly for data
Added Trail 11S (had been closed).
Misc updates through State.

Updated USFS Roads/Trails. Misc Updates



Added new trail on Grand Traverse and Beaver Creek.

Route updates in multiple counties.
Trail and Route updates in Jackson, Marinette, Oneida, Vilas, Barron, and Iron counties thanks to B Much for data.
Thanks to M Sigl for info.

Version 9.1.0 (4/25/17)

Technical changes to improve trail search-by-name and more consistent trail display at higher zoom levels.

Added Hermansville to Escanaba ORV Route
Misc updates upper and lower.
Updated county roads for St Clair County
Updated Kalkaska Route near Starvation Lake, thanks to K Davenport for info.

Major ATV Route updates for Grant, Pierce, St Croix and Dunn counties.
Major updates for Adams county.
Misc updates for other areas.

Major updates throughout state.
Major update to USFS roads/trails.
Many POI additions.

Misc trail and POI updates for MI, MN and WI.

Version 9.0.0 (1/20/17)
Technical updates enabling better POI/city searching.
Removed closed trail 489 (Grayling).
Added new trail 37 (Mesick-Copemish).
Added new trail 373 (Caberfae).
Added new trail 791 (Starvation Lake).
Updated trail 422 (Wetmore).
Updated trail 431 (Seney).
Updated trail 47 (Hessel).
Updated Trail 591 (Green Lake) - thanks to J Berens for data.
Added new trail 761 (Wolverine).
Updated Trail 510 (Traverse City).

Updated Trail 18 & 21 near Hayward WI, thanks to D Dill for data.
Updated Chippewa County, thanks to R Mechelke for data.
Updated St Croix County, thanks to E Andre for data.
Removed closed trails near Tomahawk; thanks to M Sigl for info.
Many POI updates.

Major update, numerous trail updates throughout state.
POI updates throughout state.
Corrected bug that was omitting USFS roads.

POI updates for MI, WI & MN.

Version 8.8.0 (12/3/16)


Updated county/city roads for Wakefield and Barry County.
Updated routes near St Helen.
Misc Updates.

Updated Vilas and Chippewa counties.
Misc Updates

Misc Updates


Updated Trail 15 (western UP); 8 & 47 near Raco; removed closed trail 614 near Bass lake. Misc Updates

Misc Updates

No Updates


Version 8.7.0 (8/5/16)


Added new ORV Routes in UP:
Soo - Raco
St Ignace - Trout Lake
Powers - Arnold
Lake Linden
Days River
Wisconsin - Bond Falls
State Line - Wisconsin (Scott Lake to Wye)
Added Route system through eastern Hiawatha NF (connects Brimley, Strongs, Hulbert and Trout Lake).
Added new parking lot for Starvation Lake on Kalkaska system; added new connector Trail to it.

Updated Iron, Vilas, Marinette and Burnett counties.

No Changes

Version 8.6.1 (6/3/16)

Modified town names to display at higher zoom levels.

Corrected display of county borders.
Updated Langlade county, thanks to B Much for data.

Version 8.6.0 (5/25/16)


Corrected data errors in Emmett County.
Added multiple state highway connectors in UP.

Updated Bayfield, Oconto, Vilas, Florence, Forest, Marinette and Portage counties. Changes include new Routes and some new Trail. Thanks to B Much for data and info on several areas.

No Changes

Version 8.5.0 (4/1/16)



Updated Leota ORV Trail, removed closed sections.
Added new Leota ORV Route
Updated Silver Creek ORV Trail, thanks to L Haas for data.
Updated ordinance info for Charlevoix County
Updated ordinance info for village of Mancelona.


Updated ordinance info for Wood and Marquette Counties.
Added locator information for Onconto County (you are here markers).

MN: no changes



Misc updates


Updated counties: Bayfield, Douglas, Iron, Washburn, Sawyer, Forest, Oneida, Barron, Rusk, Lincoln, Langlade, St. Croix, Dunn, Marathon, Door, Clark, Pierce, Kewaunee, Calumet, Winnebago
Thanks to J Wishall, D North, M Sigl, G Lockburner, M Severson, J Kennedy, Drifters Snowmobile Club and J Probst.


Updated Cook, Lake, Winona, Olmsted, Fillmore & Mower counties.
Thanks to J Wishall and R Kratz for data.

Version 8.2.0 (1/30/16)


Renamed new trail 12 to trail 137 (Ontonagon) and updated Trail 12.
Updated trail 2 near Wakefield, thanks to B Eskildsen for data.
Renamed section of Trail 1 to Trail 11 (correction).
Added new trail to Walloon Lake (currently local-access).
Added new Trail 6 connector near St Helen.
Updated Trail 431 near Seney, thanks to R Mrakitsch for data.
Updated 765 near Wolverine; 4 near Gaylord; 39 near Thompsonville, 3 near Maple City.
Removed Empire spur trail.
Updated trail 9 near Millersburg, thanks to R Ratz for info.
Updated trail 3 near Kaleva, thanks to C Ford for info.

Version 8.1.0 (11/30/15)



Removed closed trails 4 (Charlevoix), 768 (Mancelona), 11S (Wakefield), 11N (Ramsay), 422 (Wetmore/Miners Castle)
Removed closed Trail 12, added new Trail 12 (Ontonagon).
Updated Trail 2 (Wakefield).
Updated Trail 6 & 651 (Lake City).
Updated Trail 8 (Pine Stump).
Added new/proposed trails:
Interlochen & Mesick (show as local access trails in this version).


Updated Dane County
Various updates in the following counties:
Barron, Chippewa, Douglas, Iron, Price, Sawyer, Vilas, Washburn.
Thanks to J Wishall, R Kratt, J Kennedy & B Eskildsen.


Misc Updates



Updated Felch Grade Route
Added new Routes in St Helen and Ogemaw Hills.
Updated MCCCT between Ogemaw Hills and Ambrose Lake.
Updated MCCCT near Roscommon, thanks to G Purdy for data.
Updated portions of Crapo Creek, thanks to J Ledbetter for data.
Updated/Added temporary re-route on North Missaukee system (Ham/Hopkins Creek).
Updated new sections of Kinross Cycle Trail, thanks to G Yager for data.
Updated Black Lake and Bummers Roost.
Updated ordinance information for Gladwin, Lake and Crawford Counties.
Misc POI updates and additions


Updated Routes in Oconto County
Updated Jackson County System, thanks to B Much for data.


No Updates.

Version 8.0.0 (8/6/15)

Updated Republic-Ishpeming Route
Updated Porterfield Lake.
Updated Forman Lake & Kinross, thanks to JLedbetter for data.
Misc POI updates and additions
Added new additions to Alcona and Huron Trail including additional County Roads now allowed by USFS for ORV Travel.

Updated Vilas county.


First public release of MN ORV.

Version 7.7.0 (5/20/15)


Updated Ionia and Hillsdale counties.
Added new ORV Routes: Republic-Ishpeming, West Higgins/4 Mile/Beaver Creek.
Updated Kalkaska ORV Route.
Updated MCCCT through Meadows system.
Updated misc highway services connectors in UP.
Misc POI updates and additions


Updated Vilas, Langlade, Price and Oneida counties.
Misc POI updates and additions

Version 7.6.0 (2/10/15)

Minor changes on Trail 69 by St Helen, Trail 1 in Ontonagon county.

Various updates in the following counties, thanks to J Wishall for data:
Barron, Bayfield, Chippewa, Douglas, Gogebic, Iron, Price, Rusk, Sawyer, St. Croix, Vilas, Washburn.

Version 7.5.0 (2/1/15)

Updated 124 and 133 in Keewenaw. Thanks for M Sigl for data.
Updated Trail 43 near Curtis, thanks to D Handke for data.
Updated Trail 2 near Naubinway; misc POI additions.
Updated Trail 551 and 5 near Traverse City.

Updated Chippewa county, thanks for R Mechelke for info.
Updated portions of Oneida county, thanks for M Sigl for data.
Updated portions of Vilas, Iron, Ashland, Price and Oneida counties. Thanks to R Kratt & D Dill for some data sections.
Updated portion of Waukesha county, thanks to D Dill for data.
Updated portion of Taylor county, thanks to J Kennedy for data.

MN: No Changes

Version 7.4.0 (1/15/15)

MI: Moved 443 and 88 back to 2013 season location, updated section of 888 near Seney; updated trail 47 near Strongs; thanks to R Mrakitsch for data/info.

WI SNOW: Misc updates in Ashland, Bayfield, Vilas & Forest counties, thanks to R Kratt for data.

Version 7.3.0 (12/24/14)

WI SNOW: Corrected routing issue between some counties.

MI ORV: Updated St Helen and Old State House ORV Routes, thanks to G Yager for data.

Version 7.2.0 (12/18/14)

Updated trail near Mancelona, thanks to K Davenport for data.
Updated Trail 49 & 491 near Pickford (east UP), thanks to S Volkers for info.
Removed reroute on Trail 3 in Keweenaw.

Removed closed sections of trail in Washburn county, thanks to J Wishall for info.
Updated Jefferson County, thanks to E Bauer for data.

Version 7.1.1 (11/20/14)

Corrected ORV trail display in Snow+ORV and Snow in ORV+Snow.
Corrected ORV Trail display in Wood county.

Version 7.1.0 (11/18/14)

Misc minor updates to central and western UP; thanks to B Eskildsen & F Kraemer for data.

Updated portions of Brown, Calumet, Fond du Lac, Forest, Langlade, Manitowoc, Marinette, Oconto, Oneida, Ozaukee, Sheboygan & Vilas. Thanks to B Eskildsen & J Weber for data.
Various POI updates.

Version 7.0.0 (11/15/14)

Updated Trail 55 near Traverse City
Updated Trail 7 near Munising
Added Commercial Forest Land (CFL) to map, private land with public access.
Changed public land to display in 3 shades of green for National, State and Commercial Forest Land.
Many POI Updates

Updated Old State House
Updated St Helen Trails and (added new) Routes
Updated Ogemaw Hills Trails
Added new trail on Kinross system
Updated Tomahawk system
Added Snowmobile Trails (show as non-motorized on map)
Added Commercial Forest Land (private but with public access).
Added all State Park, State Forest, National Forest and National Park Campgrounds.
Added many private campgrounds.

Major updates in many counties.
Major POI additions in many counties.
Updated Monroe County, thanks to Monroe County Snowmobile Association
Updated Ashland County, thanks to Ashland County Snowmobile Alliance

Added Wood County ORV Trail
Updated Vilas, Langlade, Marinette and Oconto counties. Thanks to B Much for info and data.
Misc POI updates and additions

Version 6.6.0 (5/22/14)

Updated Frederic ORV Trail and Routes.
Updated Kalkaska ORV Trail.
Updated Old State House including new sections.
Corrected Tuscola County for ORV Ordinance display.
No Changes

Version 6.5.0 (5/20/14)

Major update on ORV side. Added new road "Route" color (purple border) for roads open to ORVs. In MI, this is based on every ordinance for counties that have opened their roads. In WI, this is based on the available ordinances, however the road must also be signed on the ground to be open. Some roads in WI may show open based on ordinance but still must be signed to be legal.
Updated trail line types in MI to better show MCCCT (Michigan Cross Country Cycle Trail) when intermingled with other trails/routes.
Updated current MVUM (Motor Vehicle Use Map) for all four National Forests.
Updated road/routes in Marinette, Taylor, Oneida, Waushara, Marquette and other counties.
Removed closed section of trail in Bayfield county.

Version 6.1.0 (4/1/14)

Corrected inter-state trail routing (can now route from WI into MI, MN into WI, etc.)

Updates in WI (snow):
Updated Eau Claire County, thanks to Eau Claire County Snowmobile Association.
Updated portions of Waukesha, Doge, Fon Du Lac and Washington counties, thanks to D Luker for data.
Updated portions of Fon Du Lac County, thanks to Campbellsport Sno Cougars.
Updated portions of Ashland, Bayfield, Dunn, Iron, Pepin, Pierce & Sawyer counties, thanks to R Kratt for data.
Updated portions of Sawyer county, thanks to D Dill for data.
Updated Portions of Sawyer, Bayfield, Ashland, Clark, Iron, Taylor, Buffalo, Portage, Marathon, Waushara and Waupaca counties, thanks to B Eskildsen for data.
Updated portions of Green Lake County, thanks to Princeton Sno-Barons Snowobile Club for data.
Updated portions of Sawyer, Bayfield and Washburn, thanks to G Lockburner for data.
Major POI updates for multiple counties in WI.

Updates in MI (snow):
Minor misc trail updates.

Updates in MN:
Changed trail label to shield-style as used in MI and WI maps.
Updated Routing functionality to work better with road/trail connections.

Updates in WI (ORV):
Updated Routes in multiple areas including Oneida, Taylor, Price, Sawyer, Washburn.
Added many POI throughout State.

Version 6.0.0 (2/25/14)

Snowmobile now includes MI Snow and ORV, WI Snow, MN Snow and IN Snow and ORV.
ORV now includes MI ORV and Snow, WI ORV, IN Snow and ORV.

Updates in MI:
Updated Trail 453 near Paradise, thanks to D Loyd for data.
Updated Trail 14 near Big Bay, thanks to D Zoller for data.
Added Trail 3 alt near Kaleva, thanks to C Fettig for info.
Minor Routing corrections in UP and LP, thanks to E Roggenbuck and T Swetich for info.

Updates in WI:
Updates to Shawano, Waupaca, Marathon and Outagamie counties.
Many POI additions (many areas).
Updated Dunn County, thanks to Dunn County Snowmobile Association.
Updated Waushara, Winnebago and Green Lake Counties, thanks to Berlin River Riders.
Updated Monroe, LaCrosse, Vernon, Trempealeau, Jackson, Clark and Buffalo Counties, thanks to P Kohlmeier for data.
Misc updates in Lincoln, Price, Vilas and Oneida counties, thanks to M Sigl for data.

Version 5.8.0 (2/10/14)
Updates in MI:
Misc minor updates through entire UP and one small change near Black Lake in LP. Thanks to T Piper, R Mrakitsch and D Wright for info and/or Data.

Version 5.7.0 (1/17/14)
Updated following trails in MI:
88, 888, 443 near Seney/Grand Marais. Thanks for JCavanaugh and MMarx for info.
59, near Wayland. Thanks for JBerens for data.
95, 12, 11, 59 near Dowagiac. Thanks for TPiper and BRockwell for data.

Version 5.6.0 (11/16/13)
Updated Atlanta ORV Trail and Routes.
Updated Denton ORV Trail and Routes, thanks to G Yager for info.
Added new Eastern Connector ORV Route (western UP), thanks to B Much for data.
Minor misc Snowmobile trail updates in MI.

Version 5.5.0 (8/7/13)
Added new Indian Gardens ORV Route (northwest LP).

Version 5.4.0 (3/1/13)
Updated Trail 99 (near Cheboygan, moved back to trail in woods), thanks to B. Ulrich for info.
Removed closed Trail 760 (to Springbrook Golf Course, near Wolverine), thanks to J. Cost for info.
Updated Trails 472, 49, 491, 47, 471, other misc updates/closures of spur trails; Mackinac County.
Added new section of 491 on Drummond Island; Updated Trails 2, 7, 411, 413 (Rapid River - Manistique) and Trail 8 (Paradise); thanks to B. Olsick for data.
Implemented new routing algorithim based on customer feedback; provides even higher priority for trail over non-Trail options.

Version 5.3.1 (2/18/13)
Corrected ORV + Snow map, snowmobile trails were not showing on ORV-specific map,thanks for M. Ashley for reporting issue.

Version 5.3.0 (2/14/13)
Updated Trail 493, 496 and other misc on Drummond, thanks to R. Mrakitsch for data.
Updated Trail 11, near Wakefield and connects to WI.
Updated Trail 33, near Helps (Felch), thanks to S. Bach for info.
Updated Trail 47 near Strongs (moved back to RR Grade from 2012 reroute).
Updated Trail 8 near Pine Stump Junction (temporary reroute around burned-down Rainbow Lodge), thanks to S. Chick for info.
Misc POI updates, food/gas connector spurs.

Version 5.2.0 (12/15/12)

Updated Trail 4 near East Jordan (thanks for B Wood for info).
Updated Trail 76 near Elmira (thanks to K Davenport for data).
Updated Trail 4/76 near Alba (thanks to K Davenport for data).
Updated Trail 4/9 near Atlanta.
Updated Trail 45 near Newberry.
Added new Pioneer Trail ORV Route (western UP).
Updated Leetsville ORV Trail.
Updated Alcona ORV Trail.
Updated Kalkaska ORV Trails and Routes.
Added new Grayling-Frederic-Kalkaska connecting Routes.
Updated/Added many POI (food/fuel/lodging/parking). Now list "Seasonal" if gas station is questionable if it will be open.

Version 5.1.1 (2/5/12)
Updated Trail 47 near Strongs (eastern UP).
Changed trail name display behavior to show using square "highway" shields instead of just text to improve display on some units.

Version 5.1.0 (2/3/12)
Added new connector between Trail 59 and 591 near Middleville; thanks to J. Berens for data.
Added section of Trail 2 near Rapid River back to map (now open); thanks to B. Olsick for info.
Added new Trail 159 near Baraga.
Updated Trails 3, 8 & 13 in western UP, thanks to R. Mrakitsch for data.
Updated Trail 8 near Shingleton, thanks to C Pomerville for data.
Updated Trail 109 near Alston.
Updated Trails 310, 8, 14, 16, 116, 111, 5, 2, 15, 107 & 3; western UP.
Removed closed sections of Trails 16 and 107; Ontonagon and Iron Counties.
Added misc local access trails; updated misc POI.
Misc fixes to routing functions in Gladwin & Roscommon counties.
Updated Kalkaska Routes.

Version 5.0.0 (1/3/12)
Added new trail 665 near Glennie (Iosco).
Added Trail 643 near Lupton (Oscoda).
Added Trail 692 near St Helen (Roscommon).
Updated Trail 3 near Ahmeek (Keweenaw).
Added Keweenaw Lodge connector trail (Keweenaw).
Updated trails 492 & 493 on Drummond Island, thanks to R Mrakitsch for data.
Added Alpena Town Routes (Alpena)
Updated Trail 35 near Bass Lake (Manistee).
Updated/Added many POI (food/fuel/lodging/parking). Now list "Seasonal" if gas station is questionable if it will be open.
Improved visibility of certain lines including thicker forest and county roads.
Updated Evart Trail.
Updated Grand Traverse System.
Updated Denton Creek Trail.
Updated MCCCT between M115 and Cross State Connector.
Updated Alcona Trail.
Updated Kalkakaska Trail.

Version 4.9.0 (7/19/11)
Added new gas spur trail to Huron Trail - thanks to L VanCamp for data.
Added new Keweenaw ORV System (Houghton and Keweenaw Counties).
Updated Freda Grade ORV Route (near Houghton).
Updated Bill Nichols ORV Route (near Houghton).
Updated Hancock-Calumet ORV Route (near Hancock).
Updated new trail sections, removed closed sections, on Porterfield Lake trail (southwest of Marquette).
Updated Atlanta Trail - thanks to M Bathgate for data.
Added Clear Lake State Park ORV Route connector (Atlanta system).

Version 4.8.1 (6/14/11)
Updated Little O Trail.
Updated Alcona county (error in ORV line in version 4.8.0).

Version 4.8.0 (5/31/11)
Added new Routes in North Missaukee system.
Added new Route connecting North Missaukee to Kalkaska System.
Updated Routes in Kalkaska System.
Added new MCCCT trail section near Boon.
Added new Alcona Trail in Alcona and Oscoda Counties.
Updated Tomahawk Trails including MCCCT.
Updated Tin Cup Trail
Adjusted map display, now with thicker/more visible lines for forest and county roads (User Request).

Version 4.7.1 (3/19/2011)
Corrected error in ORV + Snowmobile map that caused dashed-line snowmobile trails not to display.
Does not affect Snowmobile + ORV map.

Version 4.7.0 (2/28/2011)
Added new Trail 760 to Petoskey.
Updated Trail 59 near Niles.
Added Trail 11 near Niles.
Updated Trail 3 near Baldwin, thanks to F Hovorka for info.
Updated Trail 3 & 36 near Baldwin, Irons, Thanks to J Rigterink for data.
Removed closed Trail 3 (connector) near Mass City, thanks to A Wilkins for info.
Updated Trail 478 near Mancelona.
Updated Trail 7 near Frederic.
Updated Trail 124 & 3, removed closed section of Trail 135 near Houghton/Keweenaw; thanks to B Much for data.
Updated Trail 8 and other in-town trails in the Soo.
Added new Trail 386 to Bear Lake.
Updated Trail 59, 12 and 130 near Edwardsburg & PawPaw.
Updated Trail 59, 19 and 191; Allegan and Shelby areas, thanks to J Berens for data.

Version 4.6.1 (1/1/2011)
Corrected misc routing errors

Version 4.6.0 (12/28/2010)
Updated Trail 590 in Berrien County, thanks to C White for data.
Updated Trail 99 and 996 in Presque Isle County, thanks to H Lawson for info.
Updated Trail 6/7 near Higgins Lake, thanks to M Kelly for info.
Updated Trail 5, 14 & 310 near Big Bay, thanks for P Allen for data.
Added Trail 82 near Ishpeming, thanks to D Britton for info.
Removed closed section of Trail 2 west of Manistique.
Removed closed section of Trail 415 near Garden.
Corrected misc routing errors.

Version 4.5.0 (12/9/10)
Updated Snowmobile and ORV Map to include full routing support for snowmobile trails, county and State roads plus USFS Roads.
Misc POI updates.

Version 4.1.0 (9/12/10)
Added new Trails and Routes, updated existing and removed closed Routes in North Missaukee system (primarily cycle trail and Route additions).
Updated MCCCT south of Tower.
Added new section of trail on Porterfield Lake - thanks to B Much for data.
Added new Route on Kalkaska - thanks to K Lesnick for data.
Updated St Helen #1 Trail (reroutes and closures).
Misc POI updates.

Version 4.0.0 (7/12/10)
Map is fully routable for ORV trails, county roads, state highways and National Forest roads on ORV & Snowmobile. Only snowmobile trails on Snowmobile & ORV (future release will have full routing on this map).
No longer need to disable other maps to see VVMapping.
Updated Meadows, Bull Gap and Devil's Lake trail systems.
Updated Huron National Forest Motor Vehicle Use Map (2010).
Updated Forest Islands ORV System (changed portions of ORV Trail to ORV Route).
Minor adjustments on majority of trail systems (to accommodate routing).
Special Notes regarding routing:
Routing parameters will not stay only on ORV-legal roads and trails, but is designed to prefer them.
Routing does not understand expressway on/off ramps nor one-way roads; may route to/from expressway at a point that does not have a ramp or against designated traffic flow - DO NOT FOLLOW GPS ADVICE!. Correcting this behavior is on the to-do list.
Private roads do not route.
Snowmobile trails on ORV & Snowmobile do not route.
Forest roads on State land do not route.
Updated White Cloud Trail (new section replaced portion of existing northern loop).
Updated Kalkaska ORV Route (new section of Route on west side).
Updated Kalkaska ORV Trail (section of trail re-routed on NW side).
Updated Frederic ORV Route.
Updated MCCCT near Wolverine.
Updated St Helen ORV Routes (Re-Route on #3, new Route to Fuel on south side of St Helen).
Updated Geels ORV Trail.
Added State Line ORV Route (Crystal Falls area).
Updated Pine Ridge Trail.
Updated Two Hearted Trail (including new section, short).
Updated SandTown Trail (including reroute near McAlpine Pond).
Updated SandTown to Newberry Trail.
Added numerous non-motorized trails throughout the State.
Removed portion of closed trail 19 in Oceana County. Update Trail 194 in Oceana County.
Updated Trail Trail 130 near Cassopolis, thanks to T Noone.
Updated Trail 122 & 124 near Gay.
Misc trail updates in Keweenaw.
Updated Trail 33 near Gwinn, thanks to B Much.
Updated Trail 3 near Maple Valley, thanks to A Zell.
Updated Trail 5 near Cedar Springs, thanks to M Kelly.
Various POI updates.

Version 3.7.1 (2/10/2010)
Updated Trail 133 near Gay (was mis-labeled as trail 124). Thanks to M Kelly for data.
Added new trail near Hopkins (labeled as 593, no DNR # assigned at this time); updated trail 591. Thanks to J Berens for data/info.
Improved "night mode" road line visibility on most models.
Updated/added various POI.

Version 3.7.0 (2/5/2010)
Updated Trail 4 near Lakes of the North, thanks to R Edmunds for data.
Updated Trail 5, 6, 37, 379 & connectors near Caberfae & Cadillac.
Added SM-134 back in; removed closed portion of SM-124 (Keweenaw area), thanks to A Hicks for data/info.
Updated Trail 8 & 89 near Seney/Grand Marais, thanks to F Kraemer & S Chick for data/info.
Corrected label on portion of SM-473 (near Rexton, was SM-2), thanks to B Ulrich.
Updated MVUM data with current 2010 release Data for Huron National Forest (USFS Road)
Updated/added various POI.

Version 3.6.0 (1/18/10)
Added trail 996 (Rogers City connector).
Added trail 101 (near Konteka/Bergland).
Updated trails 4, 9, 99, 992, 464 (minor changes).
Added numerous points of interest (gas/food).
Thanks to Fred K, Bob U, Andrew W and Mark U for notice of needed trail updates & data.

Version 3.5.1 (1/3/10)
Added new feature/function that enables gas stations and parking lots to show on all units, especially Nuvi models, at all zoom levels. Now can visually browse the map up to 5 mile zoom to see gas stations in addition to search functionality.
Improved appearance/functionality of several points of interest.
Modified behavior in MapSource to signficantly reduce detail when zooming out futher (major performance improvement, only affects MapSource on Windows).

Version 3.5.0 (1/1/10)
Major new feature - Snowmobile Trails are now "routable".
Made adjustments to custom line colors to improve visibility of forest roads on some models as well as when used in "night" mode.
Removed Trail 159 near Baraga (closed for 2nd year)
Updated Thumb area trails including renaming to new numbers and adding new trails. Thanks to Thumbs Up snowmobile club for data.
Removed known closed fuel stations; added various other POI.

Version 3.1.0 (10/26/09)
Added Snowmobile Trail 464 near Alpena.

Version 3.0.0 (10/19/09)
Major change to road line appearance - now has same look/feel on all color models (eTrex to Nuvi) as well as MapSource.
Updated MCCCT between Tower & Afton
Updated Drummond Island ORV Trail
Added new Drummond Island ORV Routes.
Updated Snowmobile Trail 655e near Prudenville.
Updated Snowmobile Trail 591 near Middleville.
Updated/Added Black Lake ORV Routes, added parking area.
Added new search/Find functionality in MapSource and GPS, search for Fuel and see nearest, etc.

Version 2.7.0 (10/9/09)
Added/updated serveral POI
Updated minor re-route on Meadows trail, north of M-72.
Added new trail spur to Lupton from Bull Gap; new parking area on Doll Rd and in Rose City.
Added Manistee National Forest Motor Vehicle Use Map; updated Hiawatha MVUM road data as well as Ottawa National Forest.
Updated Old State House Trail & Route to reflect new closures & re-routes.
Updated Huron Trail near Dam Store.
Thanks to Larry V for notice of changes on Old State House and Huron Trail.

Version 2.5.0 (7/14/09)
Added Moss Lake Cycle Trail.
Added Thunderbowl ORV Use Area.
Updated Missuakee Junction ORV Trail.
Updated Long Lake Cycle Trail.
Updated portions of MCCCT near Boon.

Version 2.4.5 (5/25/09)
Updated Beaver Creek ORV Trail
Updated West Higgins ORV Trail (portions of)
Added New segment of North Missaukee Cycle Trail.
Added new segment of North Missaukee ORV Route.
Removed closed sections of North Missaukee ORV Route.

Version 2.4.0 (5/19/09)
Updated MCCCT, Meadows Trails, Snowmobile Trail #9 north of Luzerne.
Updated Evart Trail near Evart (thanks to Andy W for info).
Updated St Helen #1 ORV Trail
Updated various POI.

Version 2.3.5 (2/9/09)
Added several POI (food/parking)
Updated trail 2 near Wakefield; trail 1 near Lake Gogebic; updated trail 132; added trail 122 from Gay to Lac La Belle back in; updated trail 3 near Lake Linden; Added Ranch Rudolf connector trail (Traverse City); Updated trail 37 to Mesick; updated trail 638 near Caberfae; added gas connector near M37-M55. Updated trail numbering on several sections near Wellston and Mesick. Updated trails 160 and 11 in Gogebic and Ontonagon Counties (including rename of trail 100 to 160).
Thanks to Rob E and Charlie K for updates in western UP.

Version 2.3.0 (1/13/09)
Added new "Horny Bear" trail near Mancelona (trail 768). Corrected trail designation on portions of 769 and 79; minor updates to trails 4, 7, 76, 79 & 769 near Starvation Lake.

Version 2.2.0 (12/20/08)
Minor updates to trail 442 in Alger County, 109 in Houghton County, 16 in Iron, 2 in Schoolcraft and trail 2 in Mackinac County. Thanks to Rob E for info.

Version 2.1.2 (12/7/08)
Minor updates to trails in Luce County (including through town route).
Removed section of closed Trail 2 on west side of Escanaba.

Version 2.1.1 (11/10/08)
Updated/corrected color of trails when GPS units are in "night" mode.

Version 2.1.0 (7/18/08)
Added Indian River ORV Route
Corrected major issue with Marquette county where some GPS units would fail to show map detail when physically located within county boundary.
Major corrections for Norway ORV Trail.
Updates for Felch Grade ORV Route; Forest Islands ORV Trail; Bass Lake Motorcycle Trail; Porterfield Lake ORV Trail.
Misc POI (gas stations mostly) updates for much of UP and some LP areas.
Updated maps to support latest Garmin MapSource version 6.14.1.

Version 2.0.1 (6/3/08)
Added Sidnaw to Bergland ORV Route
Added Freda Grade ORV Route

Version 2.0.0 (5/19/08)
Updated ORV Trail depictions to match new State DNR rules regarding motorcycle-only trails in addition to visual differentiation between Route, Trail, Cycle Trail, MCCCT and Street Licensed Cycle Trail.
Added secondary installer to facilitate loading maps directly to Nuvi and other units including directly to memory cards.
Corrected Wayne County, now just one tile for entire county instead of 2.

Version 1.5.0 (5/16/08)
Incorporated MVUM Road data from all three National Forests in Michigan. Manistee is incomplete, Huron, Hiawatha & Ottawa are complete.

Version 1.3.0 (5/7/08)
Added USFS Roads for Hiawatha National Forest including representation of current Motor Vehicle Use Map. USFS Roads open to ORVs labeled as "FS OHV ####" to indicate Forest Service Off Highway Vehicle road number.
Updated Meadows ORV Trail.
Updated White Cloud ORV Trail.

Version 1.2.3 (2/19/08)
Added old-style fuel station points to map to better show fuel stations on the map while also keeping the "new" style to better enable searching (points are now duplicated in map). This enables viewing on Nuvi/Zumo units which do not have ability to show all POI regardless of zoom unlike other Garmin models.
Added misc POI for food/fuel/other (approx 30 items).
Updated Trails 1, 3, 12, 120, 122, 124 from White Pine through Keweenaw.
Thanks to Gary R. & Craig P. for information and tracks for these corrections.
Updated Trails 59, 590, 591 near Niles.
Thanks to Tony S. for information and tracks for these corrections.

Version 1.2.2 (2/15/08)
Updated Trail 6, 96 and 960 near Foote Dam.
Thanks to Larry V. for information and tracks for these corrections.

Version 1.2.1 (2/14/08)
Updated Trail 7 from Alanason to Reams Rd (west of Indian River).
Updated Trail 4 near Waters (where Trail 4 & Trail 7 Intersect).
Thanks to Rob E. for information & tracks for these corrections.

Version 1.2.0 (2/5/08)
Added hundreds of points of interest (POI). Includes Commercial Members of the Michigan Snowmobile Association - members have "(MSA)" appended to end of name. POI added include gas, food, lodging, dealers and other (not all POI have had coordinates verified, expect some location discrepancy).
Corrected search function for POI such as fuel, food and lodging so that "find" within the GPS will work as expected.
Modified zoom levels so that trails now show at extended views (was 3 miles, now is 150+ miles).
Changed county and forest roads to show only at lower zoom levels, improves map display performance.
Corrected name for Trail 8 segment, was labeled Trail 2 from Shingleton to Wetmore.

Version 1.1.4 (1/30/08)
Added missing Trail 88 (888 to 43 North of Seney)
Added missing Trail 448 (from Lewiston to 404) - thanks to Rob E for notification and track data.
Corrected trail 4/76 (Alba to Starvation Lake) - thanks to Frank L for reporting issue and Rob E for notification and track data.
Updated, added Missing Spurs & Corrected Trails 14, 310, 14/310, 5, 7, 419, 417, 8, 419 Spur, 7/8, 2 in the Marquette/Big Bay/Munising/Manistique/Gwinn areas. Thanks to Mike H. for notification on 14/310 trail discrepancy.

Version 1.1.3 (1/06/08)
Updated Thumb Snowmobile Trail to current trail ground conditions as of publish date, significant change from previous trail. Thanks to Rob E. for assistance.

Version 1.1.2 (1/04/08)
Corrected missing trail data for Thumb snowmobile trail. Thanks to Rob E. for reporting issue.

Version 1.1.1 (12/27/07)
Minor update to installer only; corrected issue during upgrade from previous version that could cause error when loading maps to GPS (no reports of such an error nor was it found when testing specifically for error).

Version 1.1.0 (12/15/07)
Major updates.
Trail line is now thicker, yellow with orange border. Trail lines display proper color on 276C and other models that had related bug.
Corrections on snowmobile trail data; removed incorrect trail segments (data errors); merged all segments for better performance.
Dozens of new gas stations; many parking/staging area updates.
Trail now displays at further-out zoom levels (3 miles on computer, 2 miles on GPS).
Advanced Users have multiple color options for trail display (see documentation).
Added options to change trail color (see C:\VVMapping\Color Picker).
Thanks to Tony Suddon for trail corrections near Indiana.

Version 1.00 (10/1/07)
First Release.

Version 1.01 (10/28/07)
Corrected Wayne(west) county


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