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Installing on your memory card

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If you have a card reader in or connected to your computer, place your blank memory card in it.

If you don't have a card reader, most GPS models will act as one for you, they enable the computer to see the card as a removable device/drive.

For Nuvi, Zumo and most newer units (Colorado, 62/78, eTrex 20/30, Montana, Oregon) with the memory card in the GPS and connecting the GPS to the computer via USB cable, the card will appear as a drive in the computer. You may also have the GPS itself as a removable drive in addition to the memory card. It's important to note which is which as you want to load our maps to the memory card and NOT the GPS. You can load to the GPS if you are absolutely sure you know what is going on - and it's EASY to inadvertently DELETE the built-in maps on your GPS when loading maps to the GPS itself.

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Windows Install:

The main install program includes an option at the end of the process to launch the "direct to GPS" installer. This program is for loading your memory card even though the name implies it's going to install to the GPS.

Check the box for launching the "direct to GPS installer" at the end of the install program.

If you missed the checkbox, open My Computer, open the Hard Drive, open the VVMapping folder and locate the "VVMapping something Direct to GPS Installer" program.

The Direct to GPS Install program is pretty standard install EXCEPT there is one option where you have to CHOOSE the memory card.

When the option to choose your memory card appears, click the Browse button and then select the drive for your memory card. Make sure it's not the GPS, but the memory card. The memory card in this image is the "R" drive. We do not want a sub folder chosen, only the drive itself.

If you are loading the Great Lakes Snowmobile & ORV map, there is an additional option for choosing the model type of GPS (newer or older). The information screen had a list of models if you are unsure (hit the "back" button to get there if necessary).

When the install is completed, your card can be ejected or GPS disconnected from the computer.


Mac Install:

If you have a blank memory card, connect it to your computer to load the maps to it. If you don't have a card reader, put the card in your GPS and connect the GPS to the computer. Most of the Nuvi and newer GPS units will have the GPS and memory card appear on your Desktop. DO NOT COPY the Garmin folder to your GPS - doing so can delete any built-in maps on the GPS. ONLY COPY TO YOUR MEMORY CARD.

Once copied, eject the memory card and install it into the GPS (or power cycle the GPS if the card was in it). Maps are loaded and ready for use.